Wednesdays at Rickett's Point

I have visited this tree at Rickett's Point, a seaside reserve in Melbourne, on Wednesdays once a month for the last few years. The work interrogates painterly perceptual observations of this tree across multiple seasons, weather, and times of day. During this time the tree and its surroundings have changed, as have I: We have been in an unspoken dialog, which has been embodied in paint.

In 2018 twenty four of these small paintings, each 30 x 20 cm, were exhibited at the Bayside Gallery in Brighton, Melbourne as part of a group exhibition. In 2019 ten of the works were acquired for the Bayside City Council Art and Heritage Collection .

I continue to visit this Banksia Integrifolia regularly to record the ever changing light and weather, and record the changes. 

IMG_3127 (1).jpg